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Sectional Door for Commercial Use 

Randa top-of-the-line high R-value door is constructed with a thermal break, and uses foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation creating a strong monolithic panel that is energy efficient. More 


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Steel Garage Door 

Our steel doors are built with low maintenance, heavy-duty steel. A triple- layer construction for your desired level of energy efficiency and noise control. Experience the strength, security and piece of mind you get with steel.



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Type of Steel Garage Doors: 

  • Short Panel- Ribbed Panel – Long panel.
                1- Olympus 500 (Polyurethane Insulation). 
                2- Heritage 3000 (Polystyrene Insulation).
                3- Stratford 3000 (Polystyrene Insulation).
  • Available Colors: White , Almond, Brown, Sandstone and Wood grain colors.   
  • Warranty: Lifetime for Paint Finish and 5 years for Hardware.  
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Door Specifications:

  • Properties of steel doors.
  • Harvey-duty exterior and interior steel.
  • Durable, Reliable and low maintenance.
  • Environmentally safe polystyrene or polyurethane thermal insulation.
  • Superior energy efficiency. 
  • Extra quite operation.