Randa Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. is one of the distinguished national companies that has followed well thought out policies since its inception in 1986. These policies were based on scientific principles and realistic solutions. Randa has contributed to supporting projects and government plans to build and develop the infrastructure of the country, which has witnessed a great development in all aspects of life, after the government adopted several development projects, which contribute to the establishment of many projects that serve the citizen and resident. The company has been very ambitious to achieve major achievements and to pursue a flexible business strategy that seeks to achieve overall leadership in the general contracting sector, which leads to the need to maintain the distinctive footprint in the management and implementation of major projects, both government and private. Which is reflected in the volume of projects completed during the past years. This is in addition to being a company approved by several government agencies to implement various types of projects.

Our Partner

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Saudi Aramco 

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Ministry of Interior 

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Ministry of Finance 

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Ministry of Water & Electricity 

Our Projects with Ministry of Water & Electricity

Deodorization projects and cover works for sewage treatment units in Buraidah, Al-Rama and Onaiza

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